Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hottie Alert!

I never heard of this comic series called "Iron and the Maiden". I looked up some more images from it when I first saw this massive bara hottie Michael Iron. I think it was love at first site! Love his tattoo that runs down his whole arm and chest. Just to sexy for words. So I wanted to share this stud with evey one.

Here it the link to the officaial website where you can see a few more images of this hunk.

(wow...just yummy)


Michael Linn said...

i must get these comics! :p

Maybe you should try emulating his tattoo, perhapse on your unnamed greek monster in the topic bellow this one.

OH if you're taking suggestions for a name, i can make a list in my down time.

FMX said...

Oh I would love to get name ideas. As for the tattoo...although sexy I have another character that has tattoos that it would fit better on.

Michael Linn said...

o.o now which character had tattoos... i really can't remember.

Oh well, onto names:

Most english names have greek origins.

Hamon : Faithful one (ironic given the divorce :P)
Andrew: Manly, Courageous
Peter: A stone or rock
Philip: A lover of horses (did he sleep with Darnell too? :P)
Pierce: Another stone or Rock
Rhodes: A place of Roses
Thanos: Noble
Theo: Devine Gift
Theron: The Hunter
Tycho: he who hit's the mark (have to ask bryson about that one :p)

Sorry for the bad jokes, some times i just can't help myself.

Grinder said...

That first pic is sexy as hell.