Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Character - Bryson's Dad

Age: 42

Height: 5'11

Weight: 220lbs

Hair: Dirty Blond

Eyes: Blue


I have always had an image of this hot Daddy in my head but this is the first time that I have ever drawn him out. Bryson come from quite the jock family. His eldest bother was the star quarter back in both high school and college. His father was also the star quarterback in his high school and college days. Sadly for him he was injured during a college game and was never able to head off to the pros. Because of this Bryson's dad had developed quite the drinking problem. This was the reason that led to the divorce of Bryson's parents.

Mr. Daddy here coaches peewee football as a hobby. He tends to live trough Bryson by pushing him to play football. Bryson of course is not to interested but is quite a good kicker for the team. Daddy is often quite verbally abusive to Bryson when he does not live up to his standards.


Bryson's dad can be quite the homophobe. He often trows around the "faggot" word. Daddy of course acts this way because of his own homosexual confusion. He became a father at 16 when he got Bryson's mother pregnant. He then had his second son a few years later then Bryson. His whole life he had attractions to men but tried to convince himself he didn't by having relations with women.

When Bryson comes out to his father he becomes so angry at the idea that his son is gay that he pretty much beats the crap out of Bryson and kicks him out of the house. At this time period Bryson is in a relationship with Trevor. He leaves his house and lives with Trevor for the time being.

Now here is where all the crazy "soap-opera" stuff starts to happen!!!

Trevor...trying to be the best boyfriend he can, decides to confront Bryson's dad and try to reason with him about how he is treating his son. Trevor goes to a local bar where Bryson's dad has had one to many drinks. To make a long story short Trevor and Bryson's dad end up having sex!!! (I told you this was drama). Well Trevor and Bryson's dad end up telling Bryson....after fucking many many times. (Trevor took Daddy's Man-virginity) LOL. Well as you can expect Bryson was not very happy! Poor thing he always gets his heart broken.

Well sorry to drag this on but I never really get to talk much about my plot lines. Oh and if anyone has a good name to give to Bryson's dad please let me know. I am drawing a blank on name ideas.


:P said...

Thats some classic drama stuff right there

FMX said...

I soap opera drama! LOL

Chris Wytehowse said...

Hey, my orig character -would- prolly sate his bi-curiosity by doin Bryson,'s married and has an adopted son.