Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Character - The Blacksmith

Age: 30

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 260lbs
Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

My more recent storyline, Renaissance, does not have many characters. So far there is the Prince, the Warrior King, the Dragon King and the Barbarian. I don't think that is enough characters to have! More hot guys is always a good thing. Especially with a fantasy type storyline. There are so many different kind of characters I can create with that type of storyline.

My most recent creation came out out of my head all of the sudden. I thought a cute beefy type of guy would be a nice addition. I have said before that i think it is cute when a guy has a built body and a belly at the same time, so I decided the blacksmith would be hot with that look. He has a really large build, big muscle, shoulder and what not, but he is not too tall. The Prince often tells him he is "built like a Dragon" but just lacking their height.

*note* The Dragons are quite large. Much larger then even larger humans. They can weight over 500lbs and be around 7 feet tall.

The blacksmith is a kind, gentle and soft spoken man. He is very mellow and rarely shows and anger or aggression. He lives by himself in a large town on the edge of the Prince's kingdom. He lives a lonesome life but finds comfort in taking care of the local stray cats and dogs.

The blacksmith meets the prince one day when the prince hides in his shoppe when trying to hide from the kingdoms guards that are looking for him. The prince has been running away from them because they are tyring to take him back to the castle so that he can be forced into a marriage he wants no part of.

The prince stays with the Blacksmith for a while and the two end up getting into a relationship with each other. The blacksmith has only had sex with one person, a young man that worked across the street but ended up being killed by a group of thieves. The Prince was his second sexual partner and the second person he has fallen in love with. The prince though has had a lot of loves before and after the blacksmith. How the relationship ends....I have not decided yet. LOL

Oh and I cannot think of a name for him. So if anyone has any ideas....let me know!!!


Pedro said...

Hey FMX!! It's good to see you post some new stuff for us. VERY interesting storylines. :) So how are things going with your artbook? Can't wait for it to come out! Hope all is well!

FMX said...

THANKS! I needed to post more often. I am not sure when the art book is going to come together. I want a good amount of quality work to go into it before I make one. Hopefully someday.

Shoker said...

Make more pictures with such belly)))

FMX said...

I have a few characters with bellys. I think it's adorable when a guy has a big muscular body but then he also has a belly. I think it is cute cause it's one thing about his physic that is not perfect.