Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Concept for the Yoma

This is the first concept for the leader of the clan of Yoma that are the villians in the Saito Benkei storyline. On first glance, the Yoma resemble a little of my designs for Dragons. Differences are that the Yoma come in skin tones of purples and blues. The Yoma are a bit smaller then Dragons are and they do not bare a tale or scales. They also can have hair on their heads, shades of white, silver and gray. They also tend to have pubic hair as well. The yoma have fangs that sometimes protrude from their mouths when closed and their ears are a but longer and pointier then a Dragon's are.

The yoma come in three forms. Their normal form (same as image above), their human form (appearance taken from the last human who's heart they ate) and a more monster-like form that only happens when a yoma has not eaten a human for a long time or when they become completely enraged.

I will have more images of the Yoma eventually. Overall I like this very first concept so it's not likely much will change.

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