Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is why I love Absolutebleu!

Mr. Aboslutebleu has recently posted another amazingly HOT piece of work. His new addition...comically titled "Hot, Hung and a bit Dumb" is another great reason why I like this artists so much. In fact of other fellow artists that I have seen on Y-Gallery, he would be one of the top three. I really enjoy all of hims characters. These studs are the type of guys I like to find drawings of. Cute faces....big built body's and a sexy attitude to match. I love his use of soft lines and color. His style is definitely something I am very attracted to. I like the use of "over exaggeration" on his characters anatomy. The larger hands and feet. The wide shoulders and bubbled out Pec muscles. His tendency to draw large round nipples. (did I eve mention I like a nice set of nipples?) Oh and of course his attractive looking penises. LOL
If you have not seen this artists work before....I don't see how anyone could not have seen his work before....but in case here is his Y-Gallery page.

Oh and I been trying to convince Aboslutebleu to start up his own blog so we can see more of his work and get to know a bit more about him and his characters. I think that he needs a little more convincing. So while you are visiting his gallery why don't every one write him a note to open up a blog. Perhaps with a bit more convincing he just might do so. ^_^

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