Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zenocide is Reborn in Final Fantasy XIV

A few years ago Zenocide was born in the world of Final Fantasy XI. He was rarely played but mostly used to store items and buy from the auction house in a distant city. After a couple of years he was retired. Then came along World of Warcraft and he was reborn as a blue Draneai hunter. Now He is back and more like his original form and is now a Hyur Highlander.
The Highlanders in this game are the larger more "butch" version of the male Hyur, I found that a good amount of the faces you can make are not too attractive but I made my guy to be a sexy and manly stud.
Right now I am leveling Zeno as a Gladiator. In FFXI I was mostly a magic user so in I decided it would be a good change to be more of a fighter. I am also leveling up as a FFXIV blacksmith and an armorer so I can eventually make my own armor and swords. (hopefully)

There is still my old FFXI and Wow character Sentury. Right now I have not recreated him but I might sometime down the road want to make a second character. I am not sure what to make him...another butch sexy Highlander Hyur or a more pretty faced Midlander Hyur. Sentury is suppose to be masculine but also more "pretty" then Zenocide is. After all in Wow he was a Blood Elf and they were just gorgeous! :)

I am playing on the Palamecia server. My home city is Limsa Lominsa. So if anyone plays on that server or plans on joining it, then you send me a "hello" sometime! :)

Here is Zeno posing in his undergarments. Too bad he can't be fully naked.

Close up's! It's hard to tell from the pics but Zeno has red/pink eyes and light red highlight stripes in his hair. Matches his face tattoo.

Here is Zeno in one of his first outfits I got him.


Anonymous said...

really love the graphic of that game, I'll play it as soon as they release the next patch with major bug fixes :)

You should like my yaoi & gay male art gallery, http://yaoigallery.blogspot.com , check it if you've some spare time :)

I've also some final Fantasy images :)

FMX said...

Yes the graphics are pretty good and the characters are all quite attractive.If u do buy the game you should play on the Palamecia server. That's the one I am one.
Thanks for the link. I will defiantly check it out.

Anonymous said...

Palamecia... good to know thanks!

Anonymous said...

Shit, man! I might have to give FFXIV a try after all! O_O

FMX said...

Yes indeed. Also check out Tera-online. It's a new Korean MMO that comes out this year. The men in that game are very muscular and sexy.