Thursday, December 20, 2012

 Andris the barbarian in real life!

I came across a picture of this sexy guy on a hot muscle men image blog. When I saw his shaved head, big beefy body and his rugged good looks, the first thing I thought was that he would make a good representation of Andris if he existed in the real world. His hair color and eyebrows were a bit too light so I used Photoshop to darken them. I also attempted to add Andris's goatee and gave him more of a sun kissed tan to his skin.

Here are a few links to some drawings of Andris. What do you think? Also if anyone knows who this stud is or has any other images of him, I would love to see them! 




Here is the original image


Anonymous said...

his name is brad hollibaugh. me personally i think that he is a little too huge but hey, to each their own.

FMX said...

Thanks for giving me his name! Looking at his image he sometimes looks like a good Andris and sometimes does not. I think he looks more lime him when he has facial stubble.
He is pretty big...but honestly I like that. I always like guys begin bigger than me. I can see why someone would not like that though. different strokes for different folks. LOL