Saturday, February 02, 2013

Monkey Men Commission

Monkey Men Commission

I took three requests for commissions in November of 2012 and did not finish this, which was the last one, until early January of 2013. I feel like a slacker not to also mention I consider myself a very slow artist. I guess I am too picky when it comes to my art for my own good.  I am glad that TJ, who the one that commissioned me, was very understanding for the time it took me to finish his art piece. 

This images is of two characters that are based on the Journey to the West tale. The same story that Dragon Ball is based off of. The character that is the top is Monkey for the Enslaved - Odyssey to the West video game . The character that is being the bottom is Sun Wukong from the video game Warriors Orochi

Although I do have troubles with sex scenes, this commission was good for me to practice. I rather like how it turned out in the end. In case you are wondering, the watermark on the image was requested. Even so I hope you all enjoy this one. (Lots and lots of cum for all you spooge lovers.  :-)


Monkeygogo said...

Awesome work! love it when you update!

Anonymous said...

Love your work just amazing
Just wondering can you draw feet good?
Wish to see more of your work