Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Important Notice!

Hello all my blog readers! Looking back I saw that it has been months since my last update! I apologize for the dry spell. A few things have been going on in my life that has kept me from doing more of my adult art work. For the last two months I have been crazy busy creating an extensive costume for the local anime con as well as some art for the con's art show. Also I have been preparing to being laid off from my job. As of October 1st 2013, I will be unemployed. So between work for the con and creating a resume and portfolio I have not had a lot of time for much else.

I will still be spending a bit of my time looking for a new job but also catching up with my video games and television shows. (I just got a copy of Last of Us and Breaking Bad is in my Netflix list). I will have some free time for side projects. One of which is to create my own website!

Blogger and Tumbler are good places to host my work but after hearing about them cutting out adult content and the fact I have been doing my adult art work for so long, I figure it's time to have my own website with my own URL! (I know, crazy.)

I recently made my online portfolio for work using the website builder. Since I don't know HTML and don't want to spend weeks or months teaching myself, I figured this would be a good option for me. 

So here is what I am trying to say. I am not one to ask for favors and I prefer to do things on my own but since I am not working, money is going to be a little tight. So I am asking for donation to pay for the cost of hosting my website. For a year using I would need about $150 (not including tax if any.) It would  amazing if anyone who is a fan of my work could donate to this fund! Even if it's just a dollar! It all helps!

My new website will have it' own URL. It will contain all my old art work as well and any new art I will create. It will have a character bio's page, a series information page,a blog, information about commissions. Of course this will be a FREE SITE! I will not charge people to view the site and my art work. I want everyone to enjoy the work I produce. My Y!Gallery account will still be updated as well. I find it a very good place to show of my work to people that have not been aware of me before.

So any help would be very much appreciated!!!! I am very excited to start to design the site and I can't wait for you all to see it! 

Oh and did I mention all donators will receive a special thank you drawing! Only donators will be getting this gift and it will not be shown or posted anywhere online. That makes it even more special! 

To donate through paypal, just click the donate button on the top right side of this page!

Donation Tracker
(this is show how much has been donated toward the goal)

$35(donated)   -  $150(goal)


Anonymous said...

tumblr did not cut out adult content, it was a big, stupid scare that was quickly resolved and it's back to the same system it's always used. However, sites like that can always change those rules so I think it's good that you're working on getting your own site. Good luck collecting donations, and I'm really glad you're not making a paysite.

FMX said...

Thanks for your support. Yes a payed site would be nice extra cash but I create my art to share with other people. I figure if I want to make some money I can do commissions and maybe an art book in the future.

dreamerboy6 said...

I agree with anonymous, and think you are really awesome. :) I'm concerned that the donation total is only $20 right now! I guess I should chip in now rather than waiting to see if other people are gonna do it. XD

dreamerboy6 said...

There. Donation made. Sorry I couldn't donate more, but if all your fans donated $5 then I'm sure you'd have the money in no time! ^_^

FMX said...

Thanks Dreamer! Do not be concerned by the amount. Any little bit helps and I am greatful for it. I am still designing and adding the content to the site. I still have lots to do so I am in no rush to meet the goal just yet. :-)

mekolat[at] said...

Since I love your art, I am willing to build you for free a custom website in HTML5 if you'd want to. e-mail me if interested :)

dreamerboy6 said...

Hey! Wow, it's been over half a year since you posted anything! :o You okay? I keep checking every week to see if you've posted anything new but alas, no luck. :/ I hope you're alright and that life just is really excitingly busy and fun for you right now. X3 I'd hate to think you're not posting because something bad happened to you.

FMX said...

Actually I died.....LOL no I am fine. Have been a but busy and other than some commission work, I have not been drawing a lot. I have been getting back into it and I have started working on my website again. But thank you for your concern! You will see more of my work sometime soon!