Monday, April 14, 2014

Real Life Prince Legacy

 Real-Life Prince Legacy

I am not dead, or in a coma, or being held captive. I am thankfully doing well.... for the most part.  I have sadly not been very productive with art in the last few months.  I have done a few commission pieces but I have not posted any them online. ( I need to commissioner to give the ok on that). I was working for a few months as a contract UI designer for a mobile game company but that contract recently came to a end and now I am once again unemployed. Silver lining to this situation is that I can focus a lot more time on my art and finishing up my website. Although this posting is not of new art, I thought I would still share this photo edit I made of a very attractive model I found online. (link on the image is a website that has a lot of good-looking models in more of an artistic nude style rather than porn)

When I first saw this model I thought he makes a good real-life representation for Prince Legacy. He looks like he is around the same general age. (Given a few years or so). He is a brunette so I changed his hair and eye color to match that of the ginger prince. This model is a tad bit too muscular for Prince Legacy....just a tad. And of course Prince Legacy does not have any tattoos. I was not even going attempt to spend the time to Photoshop off his arm tattoo. 

What do you all think? Does this guy make a good Prince Legacy...with some hair dye of course! 

Stay tuned! I promise more are will be on its way!

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dreamerboy6 said...

So glad to see you posting again! Oooh! Designing for a mobile game company? :o That sounds exciting! So glad it was busy/interesting stuff keeping you from posting and not something scary, haha. :)