Monday, August 13, 2007

My Art Trade

It has been many years since I first seen the works of the artist known as Absolutbleu. We have done an art trade once upon a time. Recently asked Absolutbleu if he would like to do another long over due art trade. I was very excited to hear that he was willing to do so. The first character that came to mind for him to draw was none other then my character DemonRed9. I left the concept of the drawing very open ended for him. I really wanted to see his creative take on my character. I was really glad that I let him draw DemonRed any way he wanted.

When I opened my email that contained the image for the first time, I was completely lost for words. The drawing was absolutely beautiful! DemonRed is just do damn sexy! I just love how he took one of my costume designs and made it his own. His Body is just so hot, his face is hot and he has a gorgeous cock!!! I just love all the cute little bats flying all over the place. It was a very nice touch. I like the addition of the toe rings to the costume's design. (Did I ever mention I like guys with nice hands and real life and with my characters.)

I know that Absolutbleu is eventually going to post this image online but i thought I would show it off to the very few....if any people....that ready my blog. The image I am doing for Absolutbleu is going to have to be put on hold for a while until my hectic schedule lightens up. I hope you all enjoy this drawing as much as I do. I am already looking forward to our next art trade.


Tomas said...

hey there, Just found your blog, I dind't knew you had one, I've always loved your work, it's so clean and.. shiny hehe.
I specially like your demon characters, I've seen them on Y! gallery. I hope you'll draw some more of them sometime.
I have a gallery too in Y! and I was in GYAM when you were there too if I remember correctly, and just made a new blog a few days ago, if you want we coud trade links?
BTW that art trade absolutbleu did, is great, I agree with you. =)
take care!

Aneros said...

Great art, I have always liked your work. I am on Y! as well, Voider, and I saw that you had a blog so had to come and see what everything was about. Good luck with everything and keep the art coming.

FMX said...

Thanks guys for leaving a comment! Finaly someone is reading it!!! LOL
Oh my you brought up the old days of GYAM. So many people know me from that site. So glad I was able to make a good impression. Yes you will see more work from me soon!

Ryck said...

I'm gonna add your blog link to my blog. =)

Eric said...

I've been trying to get more info on this guy for a while, His work is mesmerising! Thanks for posting :-)