Monday, April 23, 2012

Benkei's Sucking Action

Benkei's Sucking Action


Here is another colored image of one Mr. Saito Benkei enjoying a tasty treat. Who needs a popsicle to suck on during a warm summer day when you have a cum dripping cock? LOL

I have a few more drawings that I have done of Benkei that I have not yet colored. Hopefully I will get around to completing them soon. Until them enjoy this image of Benkei partaking in one of his favorite treats.  Question is, who's penis does that belong to? Hmmmm...:)


Anonymous said...

Who indeed! :D

FMX said...

Maybe I will reveal that sometime soon. :)

JayCeeLoop said...

Who indeed!! must be massive so it doesn't look tiny in Benkei's hand or mouth :D <3